Thursday, November 27, 2008

Slowly Slipping Away?

Stole some time away today. It just keeps on raining here and my current keeps getting cut, and I'm pretty much glued to the TV following the Mumbai terrorist war when the current does come back

Seriously sickening blasts. I really couldn't imagine something like that actually happening. It still feels like I'm watching some movie or something. It somewhat reminds me of that Jamie Foxx movie.... what was it again....?? Ah bleh.... :(  I feel like cowering up somewhere.
I hope everything clears up soon....

The Government better start doing something big to stop these attacks. But I'm still wondering how the HELL could 7 terrorists take over 2 whole buildings and continue under siege for almost 24 hours. 


Goodbye Animax forum, I will miss you.... But SpamPG will return..... I have complete faith in that.

Till I finish my exams then............