Thursday, November 27, 2008

Slowly Slipping Away?

Stole some time away today. It just keeps on raining here and my current keeps getting cut, and I'm pretty much glued to the TV following the Mumbai terrorist war when the current does come back

Seriously sickening blasts. I really couldn't imagine something like that actually happening. It still feels like I'm watching some movie or something. It somewhat reminds me of that Jamie Foxx movie.... what was it again....?? Ah bleh.... :(  I feel like cowering up somewhere.
I hope everything clears up soon....

The Government better start doing something big to stop these attacks. But I'm still wondering how the HELL could 7 terrorists take over 2 whole buildings and continue under siege for almost 24 hours. 


Goodbye Animax forum, I will miss you.... But SpamPG will return..... I have complete faith in that.

Till I finish my exams then............

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And I have to say goodbye...

Net getting removed after I scored an all-time low in my recent exams.

It was nice knowing you all, goodbye.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Truly Epic

I got some free time today. Ok, not "Free" time , but "borrowed" time ... when I should have been doing something else. After just roaming about the net, I had a sudden urge to read a particular forum thread on one of the forums I regularly visit. This thread was in fact an RPG that a few of us wrote together and was called the all-famous SPAM-PG. 

I was not always posting there, nor was I the one with the most smartest ideas or best jokes (That, saincerely, was Kysh) but now when I look back, I realize that I had so much FUN. The thing itself was brilliant, with crappy jokes, adult humour, magic and Scottish. I used to almost live for that thread (a part of me, anyway). And though it is well behind us, I almost feel like a share a bond (call me corny) with whoever I did that with. It was more than some place where we just made long posts, wasted our time and increased our post count. After reading it again,  started laughing like a maniac at the (most of the time, meaningless and random) jokes so much that the neighbours would have thought we were housing a mental patient. Ah, those were good times.....

Lol, I'm sounding old......

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And guess whos come to visit..

One thing I really really hate about my family is that it's so big T_T. My dad's side is huge and he has 10 siblings while though my mom's side is small, she lived in a joint family and has tons of second cousins and third cousins twice removed who call and visit.

Imagine a conversation on the phone:

Ring Ring ...

Me : Hello

Other Person (older female voice) : Hi *Insert my nickname here* . How are you and your studies going?

Me: Uhm.. yeah... I'm doing fine. (right now I'm trying to figure out which accent she has and whether shes a tamilian, a kerelite or a marathi or someone from a different country.)

OP : So, can you guess wo I am?

Me : Uhhh.. errr.. hmmm

OP : Can't you recognise my voice?

Me: Of course I can! It's *Insert name of mom's aunt here*- aunty isn't it? I knew it!

OP : Er, no, I'm-

Me : No wait! That accent! It's *Insert name of Father's older sister who is in the other side of the world* isn't it! I'm sorry, your voice and accent are very similar my mother's aunt.. 

OP : Errr.... no, actually I'm *Insert name of one of my mothers long lost cousins whom I've never seen before*

Me : Oh. whoops, sorry.

OP : That's ok, is mom around?

Me : Nope, sorry.

OP : When will she back?

Me : No idea. She's gone to the temple or something.

OP : Oh, I see............. (silence)

Me : ............................................Yeah. Right then, bye.


Oh yeah, real comfortable.

That, in fact is better than when some random visitor drops in and I'm supposed to say hello for courtesy's sake. They start by saying "Oh hello, do you recognise me?" and my parents are incredulous and start saying "Can't you recognise this uncle, that aunt, etcetera?" That's when I fake sudden remembrance and hit my head on my head and curse on how I could forget. To add to that effect I also say " Aaaah, I remember.. you came to visit us before..didn't you? Ah, I knew it!. ". Most of the time, that line is safe but when it isn't, I just go back to "Oh, I just got muddled up with someone else".

Thankfully, after my embarrassment, the politeness necessary is satiated and I'm liberated. 

Relatives, meh >_<.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Max Payne Movie

Holy Holy Holy Moly.....

The MAX PAYNE movie is going to be HAWT

This just made my day

The Most Awesome pic on the web. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back Again

>_< Ok, I'm back. All new blog and stuff. My previous hosting expired after I forgot to log on once in 2 weeks. Free hosting does have it's limitations. So, anyway, finally, I just joined the trend. The whole reason for my wordpress blog was to be a slightly different but in the end, a blog is a blog, and I will DEFINITELY blog more often on this. The name of this blog, Insanity Pills wasn't something I put much of effort in creating. It basically means that I hope to be your medication and my own :P.

(Oh and insanity isn't supposed make sense every once in a while :P)