Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tendulkar can create change!

First off, I'm back to blogging. Or atleast I'm going to try. I'm just thinking of what to write and I'm just staring at my screen blankly. Been watching tons of movies. Just a note on my earlier post about Max Payne last year. Don't watch it. Do NOT. Instead watch this:

Much much better adaptation of a game. =) 

Moving on, I want to put forward a formal invitation to Sachin Tendulkar-ji to join my yet-to-be formed, yet-to-be named Political party. Maybe then we can start making some changes around here. Indians treat Sachin like God, and will in fact vote for him. Or so I hope. But it's not a bad idea, and if he reads this blog by some freak accident, things might actually turn out good. All you need is public favour and good intentions. Then we can start fixing this country but we'll have a loooooooooooooong way to go after that. Start slowly, I can already see Sachin-ji hitting sixers DLF Maximums into the crowds of supporters coming to the campaigns. :D A man can dream, can't he? *This dream was brought to you by Citi moments of success* :P

Mix the two IPL's together = plenty of drama and plenty of fuel for those stupid debates on those goddamn news stations.

Maybe I can name my yet-to-be political party like the IPL teams?  Nagpur Netas ne? Lucknow Lalu's ? How about the Korrupt Punjab XI ? No no, the Chennai Super Kezhevans (incredibly old) will be fine for Karunanidhi. >_>

But things are happening around this country. Slowly, but surely. Maybe in ten years we'll all be able to make real voting decisions instead of choosing between the Devil and the Deep Sea.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Because. And just because.