Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And guess whos come to visit..

One thing I really really hate about my family is that it's so big T_T. My dad's side is huge and he has 10 siblings while though my mom's side is small, she lived in a joint family and has tons of second cousins and third cousins twice removed who call and visit.

Imagine a conversation on the phone:

Ring Ring ...

Me : Hello

Other Person (older female voice) : Hi *Insert my nickname here* . How are you and your studies going?

Me: Uhm.. yeah... I'm doing fine. (right now I'm trying to figure out which accent she has and whether shes a tamilian, a kerelite or a marathi or someone from a different country.)

OP : So, can you guess wo I am?

Me : Uhhh.. errr.. hmmm

OP : Can't you recognise my voice?

Me: Of course I can! It's *Insert name of mom's aunt here*- aunty isn't it? I knew it!

OP : Er, no, I'm-

Me : No wait! That accent! It's *Insert name of Father's older sister who is in the other side of the world* isn't it! I'm sorry, your voice and accent are very similar my mother's aunt.. 

OP : Errr.... no, actually I'm *Insert name of one of my mothers long lost cousins whom I've never seen before*

Me : Oh. whoops, sorry.

OP : That's ok, is mom around?

Me : Nope, sorry.

OP : When will she back?

Me : No idea. She's gone to the temple or something.

OP : Oh, I see............. (silence)

Me : ............................................Yeah. Right then, bye.


Oh yeah, real comfortable.

That, in fact is better than when some random visitor drops in and I'm supposed to say hello for courtesy's sake. They start by saying "Oh hello, do you recognise me?" and my parents are incredulous and start saying "Can't you recognise this uncle, that aunt, etcetera?" That's when I fake sudden remembrance and hit my head on my head and curse on how I could forget. To add to that effect I also say " Aaaah, I remember.. you came to visit us before..didn't you? Ah, I knew it!. ". Most of the time, that line is safe but when it isn't, I just go back to "Oh, I just got muddled up with someone else".

Thankfully, after my embarrassment, the politeness necessary is satiated and I'm liberated. 

Relatives, meh >_<.


Vendetta said...

woo my father has 13 siblings and none of them has less than 3 "children". I'm one of the youngest "child" in my family >_>

I love big families! They take away the time you would have used to go emo about how your life sucks, how you're bored and lonely etc.

PS- this is Wolfman. I too am at a loss about what name should I pick for my blog and blogger nick >__<